Dial-Up is a Bad Deal for the Work at Home Mom

When you’re a work at home mom operating a home-based business, you need things to run as smooth as possible. And if you’re using a dial-up internet connection, you could be slowing your productivity by as much as 50 percent. That extra time could be spent with your kids instead of with a slow loading website.
Are you still using a 56Kbps modem? Then you’re not alone. It’s reported that 22 percent of Americans get along fine without high-speed internet in their home. This means that millions of American households mange to check emails and browse the web without shelling out bucks for a fast connection. This may sound strange to some people, but not everyone is in love with the internet. Some people check their emails once a week and have no desire to shop online. Dial-up is fine for them, but it’s not fine for anyone trying to run a home-based business.

Getting a high-speed internet connection is easier than ever

Looking for high-speed internet providers can be confusing, but it’s time and money well spent.

Phone and cable companies now offer high-speed internet. You can often find small business specials where you can get cash back and free cable modems with your high speed internet purchase. If you’ve never used a high-speed internet connection, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth it. The answer is, yes.

Broadband connections are up to 870 times faster than dial-up. This will allow you to easily download important files, videos, and even games for the kids. High-speed internet also makes it easier to send and upload large files to your website or via email. Some service providers, like Verizon, offer DSL Broadband that has added features such as email accounts, 10 MB of space for files, and live tech-support with 24/7 access.

Still not convinced you need high-speed internet? There are options if high-speed just isn’t in your work at home mom budget. A dial-up accelerator can noticeably increase the speed of a dial-up connection. It will be faster than normal dial-up, but not as fast as high-speed internet. Regardless of what the marketing copy says, your connection will not be lightening fast. It will also still take a long time to download large files, like music clips or streaming video.

Some dial-up services, like AOL and Earthlink, include dial-up accelerators as part of special high-speed dial-up packages. If you see any company offering high-speed dial-up, then more than likely they’re using an accelerator program.

The bottom line is that no internet connection is as fast as high-speed internet. And if you’re a work at home mom, your time is very important.